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WPNA Officers

The WPNA executive board meets approximately two weeks prior to membership meetings. If you have general concerns to bring to the neighborhood, you are invited to attend this meeting. Please contact the board for exact dates. Issues relating to particular committees should be raised with the appropriate committee chairperson.

Tom DeSimone | President

Pete Shannin | Vice-President

Jared Poley | Secretary

Seegar Swanson | Treasurer

WPNA Committees

Part of what makes Winnona Park great is active involvement by individuals in our neighborhood association committees. We need your help to maintain our great community and our committees are always in need of volunteers. Please consider becoming a member of one of our committees. Committee meetings are usually announced via our communication outlets.


Julie Brody and Amanda Schroeder, Co-Chairs

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to work together with the WPNA Board to inform, engage, and educate residents regarding issues important to their understanding of, and participation in, the neighborhood while promoting and maintaining positive lines of communication with Winnona Park residents.

They are responsible for developing, updating and monitoring the WPNA’s communications policies, organizational website, social networking accounts, as well as updating and promoting WPNA activities, meetings, social events, news and recommending new ways for the WPNA to communicate with its members.

They keep the neighborhood informed via various communication outlets.

Reports – Communication Committee

Social Committee

Amanda Schroeder, Chair

This group plans social events that encourage neighbors to gather, meet and mingle, The Fourth of July parade-decorating party, the fall picnic, a Halloween costume contest, dinner club and holiday luminaria night are all events coordinated by this committee.

Environment & Infrastructure Chair


Quality of life issues are the main concerns of this committee. Questions about pedestrian and cyclist safety, landscaping, beautification, sidewalks, streets, and traffic may be addressed by this group.

Community Outreach


Development and Zoning Committee


This committee has been active in monitoring potential development and zoning changes in and around Winnona Park. Several years ago it successfully listed Winnona Park on the National Register of Historic Places.




Winnona Park Neighborhood Association
PO Box 2294
Decatur, GA 30031-2294

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