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The Winnona Park Neighborhood Association (WPNA) encourages and promotes a sense of community in our neighborhood. It serves as a voice for common neighborhood interests by acting as a liaison with businesses, governmental bodies, and other organizations.

In an effort to enrich the quality of life in our neighborhood, we value community engagement and encourage participation in our social & community sponsored events and in issues affecting our neighborhood.

We count on your input and involvement to help in our efforts to address issues that affect our neighborhood and its residents and to keep our neighborhood a vibrant, outstanding place to live, work, learn and raise a family.

As outlined in the WPNA bylaws, the association meets at least twice a year, and the first meeting takes place on the third Tuesday in the month of January. The second meeting date is determined by the Executive Board*.  We welcome your attendance, ideas and perspective on community issues.

As the governing body of our organization the Executive Board, consisting of elected officers and committee chairpersons, is happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.  If we can be of assistance please reach out to the board directly at [email protected] or to specific officers or committee chairpersons members.

We also offer a variety of communication outlets where we distribute information concerning our organization and neighborhood and where we look for community feedback, ideas, and comments.

Your community involvement is essential.  We ask for your consideration in investing in and supporting your community by taking the step of Joining or Renewing your Winnona Park Neighborhood Association membership.

* There are exceptions to WPNA meeting dates as they relate to holidays. Please check our events calendar for the latest dates.

Connect with us

The Winnona Park Neighborhood Association distributes and receives information via:

Official communications can always be found on our organizational website, our Official Facebook Page and will be emailed to group members of the WPNA Neighborhood News Moderated Google Group.

Additional communication outlets are provided as social tools for the community and as such may not be updated with official communications.

The association holds community meetings at least two times a year. The Executive Board meets approximately two weeks prior to community meetings. If you have general concerns to bring to the neighborhood, you are invited to attend either or both of these meetings. Please refer to our events calendar for the latest community and executive board meeting dates.

Contact the WPNA Executive Board at [email protected].

Questions or issues relating to a particular officer or committee can be directed to the appropriate executive officer or committee chair.

Winnona Park Neighborhood Association
PO Box 2294
Decatur, GA 30031-2294

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